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Liebesbrief von Sarah



mein Name ist Sarah und ich tanze und Unterrichte schon nunmehr seit fast 20 Jahren. Das Unterrichten und natürlich auch das Tanzen sind meine absolute Leidenschaft und ich freue mich immer wieder mein Wissen an meine Schüler jeden Levels weiter zu geben. Ich bin ausgebildete Tänzerin, Choreografin und Tanzpädagogin und habe einen Master der Palucca Hochschule für Tanz, Dresden gemacht. Ich lege viel Wert auf ein breitgefächertes Wissen, sowohl auf pädagogischer Ebene als auch auf tänzerischer bei der der Spaß am Unterricht aber nicht zu kurz kommen darf. Mehr als nur Schritte zu lernen geht es mit um die Erfahrung mit dem Körper im Tanz die ich gerne bei jedem Schüler auf individuelle Weise fördern möchte. Jede Stunde ist eine Entdeckungsreise.

Ich bin zeitgenössisch ausgebildet bin aber schon sehr früh mit Afro-Karibischen Tänzen aller Art in Kontakt gekommen. Beide Stile  haben sich mit den Jahren zu einer eigenen Bewegungssprache entwickelt. Ich bin stolz einige der renommiertesten internationalen Salsa Künstler zu meinen Lehrern zu zählen. Darunter Eddie Torres und die wunderbare Karel Flores um nur einige meiner größten Einflüsse zu nennen. Bis heute darf ich mich glücklich schätzen sie meine Mentoren nennen zu dürfen. Auch arbeite ich regelmäßig mit verschiednen Künstlern zusammen und hinterfrage so meine Lehrmethoden und meine choreografische Arbeit immer wieder aufs neue. So kann ich auch im Unterricht meine Schüler auf diese Entwicklungsreise mitnehmen.

Wenn Du selbst in Erwägung ziehst Salsalehrer oder Salsalererin zu werden, kann ich Dir helfen das Beste aus Dir heraus zu holen. Ich hatte Teil an der Entwicklung vieler erfolgreicher Lehrer in Deutschland und freue mich immer wieder meine Leidenschaft für das Unterrichten weiter zu geben. Gern arbeite ich mit Dir individuell genau daran was Du brauchst und so erarbeiten wir Dir Stück für Stück eine solide Wissensbasis für diesen wundervollen Beruf.

Ich freue mich mit Dir meine Leidenschaft für das Tanzen und Unterrichten zu teilen.

Deine Sarah

Sarah Katharina Balzat

Teaching Artist & Artistic Director YBAC
Her first contact with the arts was with music. As she grew up in a family full of musicians and began performing on the stage at a very early age of 6. Music was always an important part of her live. A few years later, starting to study afro cuban movement culture at the age of 14 she was directly packed by the power and intense expression of culture of dance which is unbroken until now.
A Bachelor´s degree in classical and contemporary dance and a Master degree in choreography and dance education helps to build a bridge between arts and education and find the best method for every student.
“To encourage the expression of the unique personal inner landscape of every student and handing them the needed techniques to navigate in their unique landscape as well as express it in a truthful and honest way, are the focus of all my classes. My purpose for every class is to give opportunities to experience deep joy in motion through a conscious body and sharing this with others!”

‘Dio’ Dionysis Panagiotatos

Teaching Artist

Dio began his dancing career in the world of Hip Hop and was already able to collect some mayor experience with his young age. When he started to dedicate his time mainly to the exploration of Afro-Cuban movement culture a few years ago he started to study intensely with Yerba Buena artistic director Sarah Balzat and some other big names in the world of Mambo & Salsa. He already shared the stage with some renowned artists like Sarah Balzat, Carla Voconi & Mitchell Provence. This short but intense journey changed the path and he took the decision to follow his passion and dedicate his life fully to dance. He is currently in his education to a professional dancer.

His analytic talent combined with his intense emotional expression through Afro-cuban movement culture is inspiring his students and gives them a complete picture of what the arts can do. He is hungry to explore new ways of movement and loves to share his research with his students.

Lisandra Cervantes 


Teaching artist

Geboren in Kuba, erhielt Sie Ihre Ausbildung an der I.S.A. (Insituto Superior de Arte) mit dem Abschluß Kunst Master, Fachrichtung Traditioneller Volkstanz.
Lisandra lebt heute in Berlin, war Lehrerin und Teilnehmerin an verschiedenen Tanzwettbewerben und organisiert und unterrichtet Workshops in Deutschland und anderen Ländern Europas.




Yerba Buena stands for a loving culture of meaning

Art is for the people and it is most powerful when it comes from the people. From People that know their strength and their purpose and are willing to use it to make the world a better place. Thats what Yerba Buena stands for: A meaningful culture of Storytelling through art. A community that is aware of their impact on the world.

We wanna help you to discover the meaning in your story and together create new stories. Dance has the power to create happiness, it brings comfort and ease, it makes you feel good in the moment. But we thrive for something that goes deeper, something that helps you grow and serves something that is beyond yourself, something that is more powerful then happiness alone: meaning!
I wanna thank all of them for believing in my vision and for walking a part of it with me. Many of them are now big influencers to more people in this world, this makes me proud and humbles me. Without your support and effort Yerba Buena would not be what it is today! Thank you! 

Die ‘Flowing Spine’ Technik

The History 

My name is Sarah Balzat and I am a dancer, teacher and choreographer. I was born with two block vertebra in my spine wich had a huge impact on my Range of Motion. That restricted me a lot during my dance education and early career and I had always very big trouble to find a way to move flexible and effective to express myself fully. The usual teaching methods like used in Ballet and contemporary dance and even in Afro-Cuban movement culture gave me a hard time as I was always thriving for a way of movement that was very hard to achieve with my body condition. For so many years I was punishing myself to fit in that box of the perfect body for what I was longing to express: the flexible, yet stable and fluid movement quality of afro cuban movement culture.

Out of this deep need I started experimenting how to come to that point with the restrictions in my body. I wanted to work with what I have instead of trying to change it. I developed a series of exercises wich would allow me to compensate my lack of mobility through visualization, center work and control. With the time I saw amazing results in my own movement quality and started to use this technique in my classes and projects in order to unfold the full potential in my students and the dancers I work with in my choreographic work. It turned out that it was very beneficial for the improvement of any kind of dancer no matter which level, age or body condition. Effectivity and healthy use of technique explored with time and consciousness will help the dancer to develop a precise technique in a healthy way. Especially for technical training in body demanding techniques such as Ballet, this is a great addition and or preparation to the regular technical training.

It set free a possibility of expression and uses every body condition to raise consciousness in movement. It teaches self love and explores the body in acceptance and sets a focus on what is possible. It also became a very useful tool to explore creativity in Afro-Cuban Movement based and contemporary classes.


The Principles

Flowing Spine Technique is based on the principles of Afro-Cuban Movement Culture. Through a brief analyzation of these principles, Flowing Spine Technique reconnects you with your natural ability to move flexible. Consciousness in execution and the focus of understanding the core of Afro-cuban Movement culture are a key in every exercise. All is build on certain movement principles and helps the dancer slowly to transfer that experience knowledge to all other kind of dance styles and helps to enrich movement quality and range of motion.

About the Technique 

Ever since I started to explore it, Flowing Spine Technique became an important part of all my classes and in my creation process to create authenticity and connection. Flowing Spine helped me and many others to free themselves from the curent spin of trying and helped to instead step into everyones nature as a creator.

It is a collection of “freedom tools” that speak through a mindfull practice of motion. Every exercise is a path of discovery through the own self, its potentials and its naked beautiful and true expression. Different than in other usual techniques, where the technical domination of the body is in focus, Flowing Spine Technique starts with a research about the intention of movement through improvisational tools. Then in a second step it encourages the student, based on this experience to make decisions towards a form that serves the expressional goal of the dancer and respects his or her own physical borders to create physical precision.

Using the center in a mindfull way, teaches to walk the path of an authentic expression. Discovering what is within your own inner landscape and building a free channel to transfer it on to others and the space. It sets a point of the here and now starting from the inside and moves from there towards a flexible self on the outside.

“Control is only learned so we can devote to the flow of relaxation.”

Flowing spine technique is based on that principle and teaches the dancer to find a way of using the body in the most effective yet expressive way. It opens new doors to self-expression and movement quality and incorporates the art of improvisation into the process of learning movement principles. The dancer becomes a thinking body on a journey of perception and expression.

“It is created to help everybody who feels the desire to express with movement and find new ways to use existing techniques in a beneficial way for their body and desire to express. This is why this technique is same beneficial for professional dancers in education and amateurs”


Über YB Charity

„Die wichtigste Philosophie hinter der Yerba Buena Dance Community besteht in der humanistischen Idee das jeder einzelne von uns die Macht hat die Welt zum Besseren zu verändern. Hiermit beginnen wir indem das „Wir“ anstelle des „Ich“ in unseren Köpfen verankert wird. Deswegen sind wir eine Community und keine Company. Wir glauben daran das wenn uns das Wohl anderer wirklich am Herzen liegt, wenn wir auch nur versuchen unsere Seelen gegenseitig mit Liebe zu füllen, werden sich unsere Leben und das Leben derer um uns herum zum positiven verbessern.“

Yerba Buena Charity hat sich besonders dem gemeinnützigen Aspekt dieser Philospophie gewidmet und konzentriert sich auf die Organisation von gemeinnützigen Events zur Unterstützung größerer Hilfsorganisationen. Wir möchten kleinere Kommunen in große Fragen einbinden, sie dafür sensibilisieren und ihnen die Möglichkeit bieten zu helfen. Dies stärkt die Gemeinschaft in der wir selbst Leben und schafft aktiv einen Beitrag zur Auflösung von weltweiten Krisen.

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