About us

Sarah Balzat

Sarah has different roots all over the world. Since a very young age she used to travel a lot and lived in many different cities. Her first contact with the arts was with music. As she grew up in a family full of musicians and began performing on the stage as a singer at a very early age of 6, music was always an important part of her live. A few years later, starting with Salsa/Mambo and all different kind of Latin dances, such as Bachata, Merengue and Cuban Rumba, at the age of 14 she was directly packed by the joy of dance which is unbroken until now. 

A Bachelor´s degree in classical and contemporary dance and a Master degree in choreography and dance education from the Palucca School Dresden makes her same a thrilling dancer, choreographer and outstanding and experienced teacher. Her fun and intense Mambo and Salsa classes are admired by many students in Germany and all over Europe. 
During her career she was blessed to share the stage with many known artists like Karel Flores, wich is her longterm Mentor. Karel had and still has a huge impact in Sarahs development as a dancer. Also Carla Voconi had a great impact into Sarahs Style and vision of Mambo. And the living legend Eddie Torres, which whom she had the pleasure to partner up with in 2016, improved her way of teaching and dancing in a sustained manner.

The Community

Das Yerba Buena Student Team wurde 2013 von Sarah als Projekt zur Förderung der Mambo Szene in Berlin als Stipendienprojekt gegründet. Mittlerweile haben sich mehrere Teams für verschiedene Level gebildet in der jeder sein Potential seinem Level entsprechend optimal entfalten kann. Unsere Performanceprojekte sind Europaweit vertreten.

Wir bearbeiten Choreografien berühmter Choreografen wie Karel Flores, Carla Voconi, Tania Cannarsa, Adolfo Indacochea und auch eigene Choreografien. Jedes Semester gibt es die Möglichkeit wieder neu in eins der Teams einzusteigen. Informier dich jetzt und JOIN THE TEAM!