Our Team


Sarah Katharina Balzat

Teaching Artist & Artistic Director YBAC

Her first contact with the arts was with music. As she grew up in a family full of musicians and began performing on the stage at a very early age of 6. Music was always an important part of her live. A few years later, starting to study afro cuban movement culture at the age of 14 she was directly packed by the power of dance which is unbroken until now.
A Bachelor´s degree in classical and contemporary dance and a Master degree in choreography and dance education helps to build a bridge between arts and education and find the best method for every student.
“To encourage the expression of the unique personal inner landscape of every student and handing them the needed techniques to do so and express it in a truthful and honest way, are the focus of all my classes. My purpose for every class is to give opportunities to experience deep joy in motion through a conscious body and sharing this with others!”

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Christina Marie Bünsow

Teaching artist

She is professionally trained as a stage dancer & dance teacher and works as a dancer, teacher and choreographer in Berlin. 2010 she had the first artistic exchange with Sarah Balzat & Yerba Buena. Since then, she has danced for and with the community and is also intensively involved as an artist in the work of the community.

“For me Salsa is a perfect opportunity to bring my joie de vivre in motion & to show it! The music & the Afro-Cuban dance culture move me deeply in my power. The Yerba Buena Community proofs in my eyes that professionalism and humanistic values can be united. In this framework it is more effective to learn and I can explore my passion for teaching on a deeper level. Trust is the basis for students and teachers to open up to each other! It inspires me to be able to accompany the progress of my students and explore new ways of expression with and for them.

She enriches the community through intensity and experienced based dance classes that are inspired by different dance styles. Her teaching philosophy perfectly complements our values: growing together, learning from each other and showing the world with courage and sensuality who we are!




Dionysis Panagiotatos

Teaching Artist

Dio began his dancing career in the world of Hip Hop and was already able to collect some mayor experience with his young age. When he started to dedicate his time mainly to the exploration of Afro-Cuban movement culture a few years ago he started to study intensely with Yerba Buena artistic director Sarah Balzat and some other big names in the world of Mambo & Salsa. He already shared the stage with some renowned artists like Sarah Balzat, Carla Voconi & Mitchell Provence. This short but intense journey  changed the path and he took the decision to follow his passion and dedicate his life fully to dance. He is currently in his education to a professional dancer.

His analytic talent combined with his intense emotional expression through Afro-cuban movement culture is inspiring his students and gives them a complete picture of what the arts can do. He is hungry to explore new ways of movement and loves to share his research with his students.