Our Philosophy


Yerba Buena stands for a loving culture of meaning

“All this is not just dancing or teaching. I desperetly long for the idea of creating a space where noone has to hide anything. A space of trust and community a place where you get the chance to discover your own strength and your potential. A place where people listen to you with interest and you get the chance to transform your weaknesses into something that benefits your life and the life of others. Thats why everybody is welcome. Thats why everybody is treated the same. This Team has no Stars, our souls are all the same.”

Art is for the people and it is most powerful when it comes from the people. From People that know their strength and their purpose and are willing to use it to make the world a better place. Thats what Yerba Buena stands for: A meaningful culture of Storytelling through art. A community that is aware of their impact on the world.
We wanna help you to discover the meaning in your story and together create new stories. Dance has the power to create happiness, it brings comfort and ease, it makes you feel good in the moment. But we thrive for something that goes deeper, something that helps you grow and serves something that is beyond yourself, something that is more powerful then happiness alone: meaning!